Do you work at a desk or computer all day?

Are you tired of feeling achy, sore and having back pain at the end of the day?

Is your posture worsening from sitting?

Research proves what your body is already telling you, sitting all day is terrible for your back, your health and your posture. That’s why we offer our “Stretch At Your Desk” webinars and Lunch & Learns. End your workday feeling better and ready to enjoy family and friends. 

 What will you learn on the webinars or Lunch & Learn?

Learn how you can feel great every day with these refreshing stretches for work. You will learn

  • Common problems from sitting
  • A routine that can be done everyday
  • An easy way to refresh yourself during the day
  • What stretches to do to improve your posture


Plus a printable handout with all the stretches to keep handy at your desk!


Join us online!
Grab lunch, log in and learn how to feel great on a fun, interactive webinar. Join in on stretching and ask questions to ensure you are doing them properly!

This easy 30 minute webinar can change how you feel everyday

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Some Facts

average time spent sitting each day
Million people have chronic back pain
Hours of sitting drops good cholesterol 20%
Percent of Americans that sit all day at work

Lunch and Learns

Let us come to you.

A fun 30 minute interactive class to learn stretches catered to your specific company activities. You provide the lunch, we provide the class.

Feel great every day at work!

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"Research is showing that sitting for extended hours can lead to worsening posture, mental health and an increase in heart and other diseases, back pain and headaches"

Susan Bradshaw D.C.


We understand that most of us sit at a desk all day. It’s part of life, work and productivity.

But there is a balance.

We have worked hard to create a program that works for you and your life to help you feel your best


Stretch At Your Desk is designed for you.  We don’t just provide pictures with a vague description. You will learn the how to stretch and where you should feel the stretch to know you are doing it properly. 

It’s not just information, but how to use the information so your time is used effectively.


We will always provide the latest information and enhance our program to be fun and interactive. Whether you are on the webinar or at a lunch and learn, your time will be well spent.


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